Trust Activities

The Trust preserves the special character of the peninsula in a responsible and progressive manner, acknowledging its wilderness heritage and outstanding natural beauty. Its conservation programme includes plans to preserve traditional existing features, whilst identifying new opportunities which can be developed in partnership with the community.

Applecross has an important cultural, religious and natural history as well as widespread archaeological evidence of pre-bronze age human settlements. In partnership with local community groups, the Trust provides sponsorship and support for research. In 2010, The Trust and local community groups together formed the Applecross Landscape Partnership Scheme (ALPS) funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and many other funders. This scheme worked to deliver a £2.2m programme for investment in local heritage. The mammoth project was completed in 2014 but its legacy continues with a network of trails, new native woodland, and a well managed deer fence protecting the townships and allowing regeneration of flora and fauna.

This partnership between community and Trust has developed over the years. A community consultation was undertaken in 2016, and the Applecross Forum was formed. The forum provided a platform for community members and groups to sit at the table with all the decision making bodies in Applecross, the aim being to put forward project proposals, community issues, future plans and joint working.

The Trust’s policy of sustainable farm, woodland and mountain management forms part of strategies set out within the Long Term Deer Management Plan, Long Term Woodland Plan and agri-environmental scheme plans in conjunction with Scottish Natural Heritage and other agencies.